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The changing in agricultural policy and economic environment in the agricultural sector of the Russian Federation has created a need for related changes in the system of higher agricultural education in RF.

In 2003, the project consortium was awarded with a grant by the European Commission for implementing a two-year project in the frames of the EU Tempus Programme.

In this joint TEMPUS Multiplier Project the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation), the University of Hohenheim (Germany) and the Wageningen University (The Netherlands) together with 10 Russian key Agrarian Universities co-operate in developing, introducing and disseminating courses, training programmes and teaching materials on Agricultural Extension, thus, to accelerate the restructuring process of higher agricultural education in RF.

This newly established academic network of the Russian universities will substantially contribute to sustainable development of Agricultural Extension Service in RF.

Younger Russian teachers will receive professional promotion in Germany, The Netherlands and Moscow in order to improve their own abilities and to reinforce the educational staff at the Russian Agrarian universities. In addition teachers from EU and Moscow giving lectures in Russian universities can directly help bridging educational deficits. In support of these activities the distance learning system and modern information technologies will be used for lecturing and development of the teaching materials.

The results of the project will be disseminated throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries by means of the final conference, publishing, specially designed web-site, distance learning facilities, etc. Experiences gained by this project can directly be applied to other universities and will, thus, contribute considerably to the transformation of the system of the agricultural education in Russia and CIS.

The project consortium includes the following institutions:

JEP 23199-2002

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